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National Pro Grid League

Show Schedule
Aug. 31, 2020 08:00 am

GRID is a sport featuring two teams racing head-to-head to complete a series of weightlifting, bodyweight and other athletic elements. GRID League is the world's first professional co-ed team sports league, with eight teams spread out across the United States. GRID teams must possess intense speed, explosive strength, deep strategy and precise teamwork to complete the races in the fastest possible time. 

GRID is the ultimate team competition, a captivating, exciting co-ed team spectator sport where speed, endurance and strength come together. In every GRID match, 2 teams go head-to-head in 11 races. Men and women compete together, with unlimited substitutions and fast transitions. Each race demands, teamwork, strategy and maximum output. Races include weightlifting, body-weight elements and pure athleticism.

These athletes are at the peak of human performance. GRID. Faster Together.