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Quarantine should not stop you from running

Have you been sitting all day at home responsibly and suddenly get the urge to go for a run? We feel you!

Running is arguably one of the most useful forms of exercise. It comes naturally to us and not much equipment needed - just your running clothes and shoes. It’s also one of the easiest ways to build strength, endurance and keep your immune systems healthy.

With ECQ being a challenge there are many ways to scratch that running itch - or at least prepare to once we’re allowed outdoors. Something to look forward to when the ECQ will be lifted.


If you’re lucky enough to have access to a treadmill, you’re trully blessed! Embrace it and never let it go.

Agility ladder

Use a ladder or create a makeshift one.

To recreate the thrill of running, you can do agility ladder training. No ladder? No problem! Use a tape and put it on the floor 15 feet long by 20 inches wide.

Cardio HIIT

HIIT or high intensity interval training can get you moving and stronger without the need to go outside. Run in place - yes that’s right - and mix non-stop jogging in place, high knees, and lunges.


Earlier we used the ladder, now it’s the stairs' turn. Of course, don’t run up and down so fast - you might get yourself hurt. Better stick to a few steps to run up and down with. Safety first.


If you skip rope one leg at a time it emulates running. You also get the same adrenaline rush of slipping when you trip on the rope, so take it slowly on your first try. We wouldn't want you to faceplant and hurt yourself.

Again, it is highly discouraged to run outside. But don’t you wish you took up running when you had the chance?

Start practicing these exercises now and you won’t be panting by the time you run once ECQ is over. Build strength, improve endurance, and get creative with your running exercises in and around the comfort of your home.