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Intense, competitive affair highlight Subic leg of Paddles Up

Action was as hot as the 38 degree heat last May 14 at the Subic Park Hotel for leg number four of Paddles Up, the 1st Philippine Dragonboat Tour.

As was the case in the previous editions, the competition proved to be as down the wire as ever in nearly all heats, with the difference in results sometimes being less than a second!

“The close results in every heat/leg represents how teams are preparing and improving for Paddles Up,” said Solar Sports Marketing Manager Paulo Fernandez. “The past few legs have been dominated by certain teams. However in this leg, new teams placed in the major finals which is a big development to the tournament; makes it more interesting leading up to the fifth leg.”

The last race of the day, the Men’s Division Major Finals, provided unparalleled excitement for everyone in attendance to cap off the competition. Already bagging the Women’s and Mixed categories two races prior, Philippine Navy was gunning for the trifecta and a sweep of the three major categories. And as veterans of the sport, Navy was seen as the favorites to go for it all.

Little did everyone know that they were in for a big surprise.

Sagwan Tanauan, composed mostly of the youth, made a huge rally coming down to the heat’s final 100 meters. It was neck and neck as squads paddled with all their might for the first place finish. In the end, it was the boys from Batangas who finally shed off the distinction of being “always the bridesmaid, never the bride” en route to their breakthrough triumph. Sagwan Tanauan previously finished third, second, and second in the three previous legs of Paddles Up.

The margin of victory? Less than half a second.

“The close results show how the sport is slowly developing as more teams are putting up the challenge to teams who have placed well in the first three legs. It further showcases that hard work and dedication is very important to the sport, as shown by the Sagwan Tanauan team,” added Fernandez.

As teams get more and more competitive, fans of dragonboat racing can look forward to another hard-fought contest as we go to the final leg next month to be held at the SM Mall of Asia Bay Area.

Here are the results for the major finals in each category of the Subic leg:


Sagwan Tanauan              1’09”73

Philippine Navy                 1’10”31

PDRT                                   1’10”67

Philippine Marines            1’11’21

Philippine Titans 1’11”62


Philippine Navy                 1’28”24

Philippine Titans                1’28”80

Manila Dragons                 1’30”30

Ninjas                                1’31”25


Philippine Navy                 1’13”64

Philippine Marines            1’14”57

Philippine Titans                1’15”68

Manila Dragons                 1’17”48

Ninjas                                 1’18”61

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