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Enter the World of MMA: PANCRASE on Solar Sports

Arms flailing, bodies twisted on the floor, blood and sweat splattering all over, the roar of the crowd – such is the glorious scene that is world of mixed martial arts.

Since time immemorial, martial arts have found its way into civilization, especially with men trying to showcase their physical skills in moments of heightened bravado. Wrestling, boxing, karate, and the alluring array of different types of martial arts have found a way to thrive, relying on the humanity’s subconscious desire to unleash the beast within, and yes, the thrill of the competition.

With the popularity of events such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Pacific Xtreme Combat, King of the Cage, Bellator, Universal Reality Combat Championship and One Championship -  just to name a few – MMA fans have been steadily growing and the hype is definitely real.

Not known to many – well hardcore MMA fans can exclude themselves (you had to be hardcore to know this or you had to be an avid follower and viewer of a very popular sports channel that covers a wide range of sports within the country and across the globe…well, more on that later) – Japan has that one event that was a pioneer of the mixed martial arts community (along with UFC).


From the Greek word pankration, an Ancient Olympic fighting sport, Pancrase was established in 1993 by pro-wrestlers Masakatsu Funaki and Minoru Suzuki. It is unique in its kind as it does not allow closed fist strikes to the head but permitted open palm ones. Kicking, stomping on, the opponent while on the ground is not allowed.  There are other rules special to Pancrase but many are the same as the ones UFC uses.

The first ever Pancrase event happened on September 21, 1993. Opening fight was between one of its founders, Minoru Suzuki, and Katsuomi Inagaki. The former won via rear-naked choke. (Funaki fought Ken Shamrock in the last bout – and lost)

Thus did the Pancrase come to be and from it a long line of incredible fighters and equally incredible match ups.

If you love MMA, then you definitely have to tune in to the latest Pancrase news and events. If you are a newbie to the world of MMA and you need some guidance, then check out the premiere of Pancrase on Solar Sports this May 2, 2017. Solar Sports will be airing Pancrase weekly, every Tuesdays at 8pm, as part of their Weeknight Slugfest block.

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