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#DCGSD2017: Defying the Conventional Through Skateboarding

Considered as an action sport because of its breathtaking aerial tricks and creative acrobatics, skateboarding continues to prove itself worthy to be a part of the sports world. Due to its popularity among the youth, skateboarding has evolved into a subculture that can be experienced by anyone, anywhere in the world. Soul-Skaters continue to defy gravity, testing their limits on ramps, half-pipes and rails.

In the Philippines, different crew in and out of the metro continues to grow, keeping the passion for the sport burning. And sharing that passion for skateboarding, DC staged a phenomenal feat by organizing a Guinness World Record breaking for the largest skateboarding parade from Quirino Grandstand to Circuit, Makati. This came in line with the global celebration of the GO Skateboarding Day, which is held every June 21.

As the biggest skate event of the year, DC Go Skateboarding Day 2017 brought DC Pro Skateboarders Cyril Jackson, Chase Webb, and Alex Lawton in Manila last June 21. And to celebrate the event with Filipino skateboarders, they even gave skate demos and free skate sessions.

Captured by Instagramer @cyril_killla (Click the Image to play video)

While being the only man in the squad who had been in the country 3 times already, Cyril “Killa” Jackson kept everyone alive with his enthusiastic antics. Looking at his so called regular styles, his maneuvers in skateboarding displays full control in mayhem!

Captured by Instagramer @chasewebb (Click the Image to enlarge)

At the age of 5, Chase Webb has been confidently doing his thing as a skateboarder. When asked what it like is to be an athlete, He said that skateboarding is pretty much his whole life. “And the best time of my life. It is pretty much more like just a passion.” He even added. Indeed, Chase’s heart stopping tricks on railings keeps the spectators at their feet.

Captured by Instagramer @alex_lawton (Click the Image to play video)

From the land down under (Australia), Alex Lawton had to deal with people who looked down on skateboarding as a sport.  Yet for him, skateboarding is still having fun and try to thumb with everybody, “You know, we're all in it together so if we are not doing it together, it’s no point of doing it at all.” With his incredible leaps and solid moves, Alex’s continues to enjoy a fun jam on and off skate parks.

Asked further about the sport, passion, camaraderie and fun sums up what skateboarding is all about for these DC Pro Skateboarders.

Q: What is the significance of events (DC Go Skateboarding Day 2017) like this?

Cyril Jackson: Having fun! Endless possibilities!

Chase Webb: The possibilities are endless. It just keeps bigger and bigger and it is amazing. I’m really thrilled to see what’s going to happen.

Photo Taken during the Press Conference of #DCGSD2017 Meet the Pros @ DC 2nd flr. Bldg. Megamall A. SM Megamall

Q: What can you say about Skateboarding being a part of the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo?

Chase Webb: I think it’s cool! I mean, it’s gonna get that thing either way and so let it happen.

Alex Lawton: I really don’t know what’s gonna come about it but I just wanna look forward seeing my peers.

Q: Can you give a message to the growing community of Skateboarders here in the Philippines?

Cyril Jackson : Skate wherever you can, whenever you can. It doesn’t matter if you have a skate park or not. As long as you have a skateboard and you have a solid concrete, that’s all that matters. You just practice, practice and practice until you get into a skate park and use those abilities at the skate park. Skate and have fun!

Alex Lawton : Definitely we’ve got a lot of more. The environment is a little bit different than what you guys have here, but you just keep it up. As the sport keeps going then they will be making more stuff for you and I feel like there is gonna be a big scene come out of this place. I'm looking forward to see what’s going to happen in the future.

Now an Olympic Sport, skateboarding continues to fit in the lifestyle of the millennial youth. Also an art form, the sport gives an individual a space to express his own personal style. So if you’re having hard time channeling those energies, why not join the growing community of skateboarders here in the Philippines and enjoy the adrenaline rush experiencing life on board!

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