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Bring on the heat! Sports you can try this summer

Summertime is at hand and there is just the need to be active, sweat it out, and bask in the glorious heat. While others prefer ‘chilling’, partying in the beach, and just get a tan, it wouldn’t hurt (and would even be more exciting) to participate in sports – be it extreme or purely for fun.

Here are sports you can try this summer:



Volleyball is fast becoming a part of Philippine society, specifically because of media coverage of college games. Multitudes of fans keep themselves up to date with their favorite athletes and many even really study the game to heighten their appreciation of it. With the presence of organizations such as Larong Volleyball sa Pilipinas and Beach Volleyball Republic, Inc., people get the chance to see volleyball players grind it out in the heat, and maybe even get the inspiration to try the sport out.

Go get a ball and when you have the opportunity to drop by the beach, set a net up and channel your inner volleyball player.



If you like the flowing poetry that is present in basketball or even in hockey, then you should try Ultimate Frisbee out. And yes, to those who think it’s just about throwing a disc and catching it, Ultimate competitions are a thing.

The play is simple: There are two seven-man teams on a narrow football field-size location. There are two end zones and a team scores when its player catches the disc (Frisbee) at his team’s end zone or goal. What is great about the sport is that it leans on fair play and honesty – an attitude, a behavior, they call Spirit of the Game.

If you want to have a feel of the excitement, the flow, of the game, check videos on Youtube. You will love it.



It is all the rage for thrill-seekers who find comfort and a sense of oneness with the waves. With all the beaches that the Philippines has, it is not difficult to find one that offers the best surfing experience. If you don’t want to buy a surf board yet, there are those places that can rent one to you and even offer surfing tutorials and lessons. Popular surf spots include Baler, San Juan, Pagudpud, and Siargao to name a few. Surf’s up!